Sensory Processing for the Average Mom

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Have you tried looking for information about sensory processing? Have you torn your hair out trying to figure this all out? Are you tired of looking through numerous online resources to find what you need? Do you just want it all in a neat and tidy place, in language that the average mom (like me) could understand?

Thankfully, my friends at Sensory Processing 101 have taken the guess work out of all of this — we can pick their Sensory Processing 101 book, along with The Magic 7 book, and over 75 printable resources!! (eBook or print) and begin helping our child today!!  Take a look and let me know what you think…

That’s 6 resources in 1!!


Fact: We all have our own unique sensory preferences and needs.

Fact: We all invent our own little accommodations to meet these needs every single day.

Fact: Children need you to understand their sensory needs.

Fact: Sensory Processing 101 can help you make sense of your child’s needs and behaviors!


Find these free resources at Sensory Processing 101 now!

These free resources are available now:

Sensory Processing Overview [Free Printable]

100 Classroom Sensory Strategies [Free Printable]

100 Facts about Sensory Processing [Free Printable]


I have written further on several occasions on my continued struggle to do best by my son: my understanding of sensory processing, how to help my hyperactive child, accepting that I cannot control everything in our lives, learning how to connect with and meet my child’s needs.

Please share your stories with me about what strategies you are using to help your children!  And please consider helping your child with Sensory Processing 101!


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