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playdough turkey making time

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I somehow found the strength to make four batches of no-cook gluten free playdough with one working arm.  {see how I broke my arm and finding joy in a broken arm, etc.}

Well the kids loved playing around with our vibrant colors.  Then I decided to make a cute little turkey — which was very challenging for me, let me tell you!!  So I took way too many pictures of it….

We sang a cute Turkey song {here is our favorite Thanksgiving free printable pack!}, added some little feathers, and just enjoyed the time together…. that is, until John was sick of May messing up his playdough turkey!  I love these two!!

DSC01917DSC01923 DSC01931DSC01928DSC01933 DSC01936 DSC01943What fun Thanksgiving traditions do you keep with your children?

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