The Good and the Beautiful High School Language Arts Program Review

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I share in the below video how to use The Good and the Beautiful High School Language Arts for you! I am a homeschool mama and wanted to read some beautiful, edifying literature for myself. This course has been perfect for me to use at my own pace! I am looking forward to trying Levels 2 & 3 once I’m done!

You can find it here for a very low cost: The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts High School 1

I’d love to hear if you have tried this with your student or for yourself! While the course focuses on strong writing skills and preparing students for college-level courses, I chose to not use the writing portion. I was still able to get so much out of it! With beautiful artwork and appropriate literature of high moral and literary standards, this full course combines the following subjects: Literature, Writing, Grammar, Usage, Punctuation, Spelling, Vocabulary, Geography, Art, and Art History. The student completes 10 unit booklets, which guide the student through the assignments, videos to watch online, and the reading books integrated with the course.

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