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Tot School – Letter H

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We are taking Tot School a bit slower these days — so many holidays to celebrate and have fun with : )  It is nice because we are in no hurry!

These last two weeks, we have studied H — hammers, horses, hippos, hats, hands, hedgehogs, and helicopters!


Bible verse of the week:

Happy are the people whose God is the Lord. Psalm 144:1

(la la la la la la la)

We use the ABC bible verse songs from Songs for Saplings.  These songs are so catchy, beautiful, not “children’s music annoying,” and I find myself singing and learning and memorizing the bible verses along with John.  Carisa at 1plus1plus1equals1 has made coordinating ABC Bible Verses posters which have really helped with his memorization as well.  

Letter of the week: Hh

Our curriculum consists of 1plus1plus1equals1‘s Tot School ABC’s.  We don’t do everything that she includes in her packs, but we do most.

H is for Helicopter page that I made.


Here we are coloring with regular markers.  Coloring the little hammers on the Hh.

DSC01155 More H fun. Loved the H is for Horse pages from Carisa’s farm pack.DSC01153 Matching his horse with the horse page — I had to keep printing these out, he loves everything in this pack!DSC01152

Pounding the shapes with his HHHHhammer.


Letter H collection on our refrigerator: I cute our Tot School puzzle and put magnets on it, we have a couple of Melissa & Doug alphabet collections, as well as the LeapFrog Letter Frog Factory Magnetic Alphabet.  This is a hit every week!  (This is $60 on Amazon right now, crazy, thankfully we got ours at a garage sale, but they have a non-magnetic one for $20.)


We put his work on the clothesline above his bed, between two windows!


Book of the week:

The Hat by Jan Brett


We loved this book about Hedgie and his silly Hat.  We read it every day, about 2 times a day.  Didn’t do a whole lot with it, but he recognized the H on the cover every time : )

Mini Book of the week:

A Tools Book from 1plus1plus1equals1.  We colored all of the pages and then matched our tools with them.  He loved this!



We always review his bible verses — and he knows them because of the awesome accompanying tunes!  We use the ABC bible verse songs from Songs for Saplings.  Here are the ABC Bible Verses posters.


And I cut out all his previous trucks (and his beloved cat), so he could review his letters with their corresponding object.



Simple hammer practical life activity for fine motor practice: styrofoam (or cardboard, for more of a challenge!) egg cartons, golf tees, and a kid’s hammer.  He loved this!  I’ve also seen this on Sugar Aunts and Stir the Wonder.  (Yep, hanging out in a diaper – this kid is going potty about 5 times a day now, I have a post coming up about his progress, soon.)


Super excited about this activity!


I left the room for 1 minute to get some laundry done, and this is what he did to the egg cartons….


We also “washed” our tools for some fun water play.  I set him up with two tubs, one with soapy water, and some sponges and washcloths to wash his tools.  He ended up just playing with the water — very little washing, but he had a great time.

DSC01709 DSC01706 DSC01705

And shaving with dad : )


We did some sponge painting of a Hippo and a Horse from Abeka’s Art books.


And we traced his Hands for a simple craft.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Wildflower Ramblings!

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  1. What a great bunch of activities! I love the way you hang art work between the windows! Oh, and thanks so much for the link! I was completely surprised and so excited to see that :) My little guy gets so excited for the golf tees and hammer activity, too. He asks all the time to do that one. We will have to try washing tools. I am sure he would love that too :)

    1. Thank you :) I love all the resources on your site — I love how you label your activities!! Thanks for visiting.

  2. Love the sponge painting ideas – I might have to try that!

  3. He’s adorable! What a great week of school. I need to look into the Bible verse songs more.

    1. Kait, the Songs for Saplings are wonderful — not annoying, lovely, and catchy!! Best $9.99 you could spend!! And Carisa’s posters are free… super easy :) I find myself singing the songs — it’s the easiest way to memorize verses!

  4. I love the clothesline idea! And I love how all of this is geared toward boys. My poor sons had to come after a very pink-oriented sister. The hammer and golf tees is definitely happening here! Thanks for sharing.

    1. That’s hilarious — I’m sure my daughter will feel the opposite — we hardly have anything pink for her :)

  5. momsquestions says:

    I love that hammer activity. That’s a great practical life skill, but also way fun for kids!

  6. Oh my word, I LOVE this post. My first favorite was the hammering the shapes, then I saw the matching tools to the mini book, then I saw the golf tees in the egg carton, but then my FAVORITE showed up, the tore up carton! He is precious!

    ;-) Carisa

    1. Thanks so much Carisa! He is often making huge messes like this and I just have to laugh and take a pic, right?! :)

  7. I found you on 1+1+1 – we are doing preschool/tot school at our house, and will enjoy following along with your experiences.

  8. You found so many wonderful ways to use plastic tools. My son loved hand washing at his age. I don’t remember everything he cleaned, but he cleaned a lot. I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest.

  9. I love the Letter of the Week idea! My son isn’t as young as yours, but he is in Kindergarten. He has just learned his ABC’s and we are getting in to words now. I am thinking I could tweak this concept for his age. Do Words starting with H on spellingcity.com and maybe do some fun study on animals, objects, etc like you did with each letter.
    Thanks for sharing this :)

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