Tot School: Letter X

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Our Tot School Letter X involved x-rays and xylophones mostly.  We also talked about the sound at the end of fox and box — and we read Fox in Socks!


Bible verse of the week:

Let us exalt his name together.  Psalm 34:3

We love the songs from Songs for Saplings (affiliate links are used).  We use 1plus1plus1equals1‘s coordinating ABC Bible Verses posters which have helped him learn all 26 verses!  And me too!  How wonderful to know all of this scripture!!  Hide it in your heart sweet boy <3 (and mama!)



Letter of the week: Xx

We put up our bible verse, our Ww small poster from Tot School, an Xx sign from my Kindergarten teaching days, and these wonderful Montessori sandpaper letters above John’s table.  We put these up on the wall so he could feel the letter every morning and trace his fingers on the letter.  Our bin has his printables in an envelope, all ready, along with his poetry books and bibles.

We used the March Preschool Poster for this Letter — check out my Free 24 Preschool Chants here.


Here is our work from the week on the clothesline in John’s room.


I notice that John is wearing the same “suit” in all of these pics…. he is obsessed with wearing these one piece pajamas, calling them his pirate suit…. very difficult to get back on after potty time…. I think they are going to disappear this week….

The highlight of the week was talking about x-rays (I showed him my arm x-ray, which he loved!) And we made a skeleton.  He kept drawing on top of it and looking at it!  It is still up in his room, in fact, and we are now on letter Z!

DSC05633DSC05635 DSC05636

Cutting practice, this pack is from Royal Baloo with our Preschool scissors — these rock!!


Matching from Confessions of a Homeschooler and Tot School Printables.



All of the sudden, John has realized that he loves puzzles!  Here he is working on a Thomas the Train one I found at a garage sale.  With daddy, and then all by himself!

DSC05889 DSC05890DSC05921


Fun sensory play at the table with shaving cream!

DSC05782 DSC05784

And a sea sensory bin with water and rocks and sea animals — I have to make two so there isn’t any fighting ;)

DSC05743DSC05754-001DSC05747 DSC05756


We made a X is for X-ray Fish Felt Alphabet Craft!


We are making an alphabet book with uppercase letters.  We are starting it now, but we’ll start the alphabet again after our Tot School ends with Z.  I will save these and put them in a “book” — probably just with three pieces of yarn — for him to remember each letter!  We are using printables from The Unlikely Homeschool.  This is simple — just decorate your letter with something related to that letter.

This week it is X is for X-ray! I wrote a big X in the X with a white crayon and he used black watercolor to color over it.  It didn’t work perfectly, but it was fun nonetheless.

DSC05696 DSC05695-001

Fun toy for the week…. a xylophone!



May loves working at the table (so different from John!)  Here are a couple snapshots.  She loves Do a Dot markers :)
DSC05689 DSC05691 DSC05693

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Enjoy your little ones,





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  1. The sensory bin was absolutely beautiful! Looks like a fun week!

  2. Just want to say that the shaving cream – is just awesome and that you captured an amazing smile on May – so fun! Love that you include her more and more. (Elli had those same pajamas – they were my favorite!)

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