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Treasure Bin: Red Objects

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What is a Treasure Bin?

A small amount (5 to 10) of similar items to put in front of your growing baby and let him/her explore!

Of course, ensure that the items are safe to babies (no choking hazards or sharp edges) and that your baby is supervised at all times!

This week, we worked on the color red!  May loved her Treasure Bin this week, just as much as last week.  She especially loved having a little car.  I could tell she felt like a big girl with her car because she sees her brother with cars and trucks all day, every day!

My first post about Treasure Bins is here.


I included in her bin:

  • soft red frog
  • red wooden ring
  • red ball
  • red link
  • red squishy cube
  • Melissa & Doug red pickup truck
  • red triangle
  • red fire truck
  • red fire hat
  • red cup of soup
  • red hexagon
  • red stacking cup

And here is my sweet girl with her Treasure Bin.


And finding new objects to explore!


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  1. Oh mine loved doing these when they were little and it’s definitely helped with their color recognition.

    Thanks for linking to the Sunday showcase.

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