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Treasure Bin: Stainless Steel

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What is a Treasure Bin?

A small amount (about 10) of similar items in a basket or bin that is set in front of your growing baby to let him/her explore!

Ensure that the items are safe to babies (no choking hazards or sharp edges) and that your baby is supervised at all times!

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May loved this bin filled with metal and steel objects!  There were many kitchen items, which she felt very special about.  She loves to watch me cook {mostly while in my back in the Ergo), but she hasn’t gotten as involved as her brother was at her age.  I would like to buy a Little Helper kitchen stool at some point, but the husband is not so convinced that we *need* one.  So, she got to be a little kitchen helper this week!  We also have had several of our stainless steel bowls out, as well.

May plays with this at least once a day.  This has got to be one of her favorite treasure bins :)

My first post about Treasure Bins is here.

Her basket includes all stainless steel items!  Our beloved All-Clad measuring spoons, a steel tiny bread tin, a tea maker, some whisk, a spoon, a little tin container and top.
She mostly used everything as musical instruments, which I loved!  She is copying her brother all the time ♥
Crawling to the bin!
“This is awesome!”
Distracted by mom with the camera :)
Hm, I love spoons!
So excited!
Making music!


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  1. This is a great idea, and your daughter looks around the same age as my littlest one. I actually just whipped this together and he’s already digging in lol, thanks for the idea!

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