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Today I embark on a new adventure! This has been a labor of love and a long time in the making! 

I have been writing this blog for 12 years now, since becoming a mother, and my desire to reach other mamas in the trenches has deepened, especially since schools were shutdown in March of 2020.

I’ve had countless parents ask me how to homeschool and what to homeschool with. So in my answering many questions and providing many resources, has come a new Podcast, Grace in Homeschool, that is debuting TODAY! I’d love you to take a listen on Spotify or Apple or Google or wherever you listen to Podcasts, leave a 5 star rating, or write a review so more people will see our message!

I have also created a new site that can house the Podcast, entitled, Grace in Homeschool, so you can go over there to check out the latest podcast episodes and also more resources that I’ll be creating alongside the podcast! I’ll still be writing for Wildflower Ramblings here as well!

Starting something new is a nerve-wracking thing. What if it’s not perfect?! (Nothing is.) :) It has been so much fun to create! It turns out, I have missed writing, and a podcast is basically writing and then talking about what you’ve written. I’ll loosen up a bit more as we go and include interviews and more material. Many series are in the works and we are EXCITED!

I am kicking things off with a series, 10 Reasons You Can Homeschool. This is because oftentimes, many of us may want to bring our children home, but don’t know if they are quite equipped or qualified to educate their own children. And that is the biggest mindset shift that needs to happen — You CAN homeschool and here is WHY!!

I’ll be diving deep into why you CAN homeschool (given whatever your circumstances) and you are the MOST qualified to educate your own children; Episode 3 will go through an extensive look at the Public School System and how it came to be and the state of it now as well. 

Let’s take a look at the 10 Episodes and topics that we’ll be exploring!

  1. Bravery
  2. Influence
  3. The History of Public Education
  4. Spending Time Together
  5. Importance of Play
  6. Fine Arts
  7. Avoiding Comparison
  8. Safety
  9. Qualifications
  10. Love
  11. Recap of the Series

And…. if you need more help with your homeschool journey — My Simple Start to Homeschool Guide is free! Grab it here at this link!

grab the simple start to homeschool guide for free

Full of Free Resources to start your home education journey today!

“You can homeschool your child.”

Amy Smith

Thank you to everyone who has ever asked a question, written an answer, or been alongside me with this journey. I’m looking forward to your joining me on this podcast journey! :)

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