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DSC02638 Always painting.DSC02625 Finally let me  give him a man bun, while shaving with daddy.DSC02630 Wanted to learn cursive.DSC02700 Using a pin to cut out the state of Kentucky (his choice).  This is a wonderful Montessori activity for pre-scissors work!  Tracing the states (or a country) on little pieces of paper and then gluing them to make your own map!DSC02548 More painting.DSC02702 Spielgaben work.DSC02712 Last day of reading on an unusually warm day.DSC02752 They love playing kitchen together.DSC02876 While moving, boxes came in handy for a fun, couple minute activity.DSC02746 Reading her story collection books.DSC02859 Snowman.DSC02698Gift for mom.  He knows I’ve been down about the house move.  He touches my heart each and every day.

Share Wildflower Ramblings!

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