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Beautiful summer.  So much play outdoors.  Reading on blankets and lots of camera-less time too.  I am enjoying moments without constantly snapping ;)  I am trying to let go, which is why I am posting less here for the time being, and it is glorious.

We have our friendly neighborhood cows to entertain our afternoons.


And we found a snapping turtle, probably a pregnant mama, in our front yard.  We were worried about it going into the road, so all. day. we watched her — we made some signs that said “turtle crossing,” so drivers would be warned.  In the end, I stood in the road with the turtle to help her cross.  And even though our day was “just” filled with helping the turtle, the whole day, and subsequent days, were filled with turtle reading and role-playing.


And Bob and Betty — our beloved sandhill cranes who come back to us each and ever year — they visit our backyard each morning and night.  Walking gracefully, squawking loudly, flying with massive wingspans.  We learn so much from these gorgeous creatures and we are so blessed to see them up close every day.


Our new homeschool space — in our tiny home — my husband has let me set up some shelves for the children.  I’m so excited and feel so happy and calm about this new space.  I will share in a post soon!


Painting at the easel in the kitchen.  This girls wants to paint every day, so this is set up momentarily.  Here she is painting a tree with birds on the very top of the page!  I love seeing what she creates.


May has decided, almost every day while playing outside, that she wants to take some of the water utensils and pots to clean our sidewalk.  She has worked on scrubbing the sidewalk with a little pot of water for a very long, happy while.


May’s bouquet.  She brought these little chive flowers in for me, such a happy moment.


Tents in the backyard.  We set up this one, which my grandmother gave to me from her days of camping with kids!  Such nostalgia seeing the kids play, and argue, in the tent.  It was not without controversy with fights over whose tent it was, but they are trying to work things out.  Through the arguments, the tent came down at least ten times, which did get incredibly frustrating for me.  My husband surprised us with his second, pop-up tent from the basement, but then that became a source for discontent.  We are still working on controlling our emotions through these tough times (wink).

DSC01056 DSC01055

Creating fireworks in a bottle for Fourth of July.

DSC01065 DSC01071

Lots of swimming on various trips.  Daddy even joined in this time.


And bonfires in the backyard — here John and May are excited to hear a low helicopter overhead!


Slow days and nights, eating fruit in nature.  We are so, so blessed.


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