babies are precious gifts

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sharing my loves inside my belly today

because they are babies

and all children deserve to live

whether they are loved or unplanned or unwanted or created through violence

their Creator knows every face and every cry


my first beloved


and my second love


someone wants and will love your baby. choose life.



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There is always a gray area.  As I mourn the tragedy of Roe v. Wade this week, I have to also express that, no, the State does not have the right to dictate how to birth your baby or when a pregnant woman can die.  These are the fine lines between women’s rights and insanity.  Abortion in the United States is not about saving a young, violated girl’s life (as Mrs. Clinton would have you believe in a re-surfaced YouTube video), instead, it has led to birth-control abortions where fathers have no rights.

I pray that the pro-life movement can continue to put women first.

Blessings to the sweet ones in your life,


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