Moms Reading the Classics {A Monthly Link Up!}

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Ever since I read Cheryl Swopes’ book Simply Classical, I have decided that, beyond the initial preschool “learning through play” years, I will want to educate my children utilizing the Classical philosophy.  {Combined with a lot of hands-on Montessori learning, of course, which I believe complement each other nicely.}  The goal of my teaching is the formation of my children’s mind and character. Classical education develops the mind towards all that is just, wise, virtuous, and eloquent. {See: What is Classical education?}

Reading Classical literature for my children has made me realize that my own mind craves beautiful works of literature and poetry and philosophy too.  I must continue to edify my mind, even in these sometimes-difficult-to-find-a-moment-to-myself mom years.



A Woman Reading (c. 1911). William Chadwick (American Impressionist, 1879-1962). Oil on canvas. 

{Because this is what I look like while reading a book.}

The Moms Reading the Classics Link Up

{a classical education… one book at a time}

I don’t want to be too ambitious in my decision to begin reading the Classics, just to crash and burn, but I do want to be thoughtful and mindful of my commitment to reading great works of literature.  There are so many writings that I’ve always wanted to read.  Dante’s Divine Comedy, Milton’s Paradise Lost, Socrates, Aristotle, the list is endless.

I have decided to choose a work of poetry and a work of philosophy at the beginning of my Link Up commitment.  I can choose which of the two that I will read when I have a minute to sit down.  Instead of going online or checking Facebook {see: Step away from the internet}, I will read a few pages from my chosen texts.

If I just read 10 pages of poetry and 5 pages of my philosophical book, I could get through them both in a month or two!  I am creating this monthly Link Up to hold me accountable to reading the Classics.

This month, I am reading two books: The Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer and Confessions by St. Augustine.

My commitment is to read 10 pages of Chaucer and 5 pages of Augustine each day. I certainly don’t succeed every day. But I will try!



Please link up a post you’ve written about a Classic work you {not your children} are reading.  My hope is that my link-up may motivate others to pick up that dusty Homer or Lewis or Qunitillian (or even Austen or Bronte!) and just start — just begin to try — reading for you.

This is not a “novel” or “mothering / parenting” book link up — though reading anything while being a mom is an achievement!  {I love to read a great Ben Coes thriller and always have at least one or two novels open too!}  This Link Up is specifically for the Classics.

If you feel that you need recommendations for Classical works to read, check out this list at Wikipedia for novels and Memoria Press here and here for their recommendations for upper elementary and high school literature {which are perfect resources for adults too!}.

Link Up Guidelines

  1. Share a post below about a Classic book you are reading right now {or have read in the past} — posts can be old or new.
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  1. Oh, how I wish I was reading a good old classic right now…the closest I come to it is A.W. Tozer’s ‘Attributes of God 1&2. I don’t have a post on it either or I would certainly link-up! I absolutely love your button :)
    Have a blessed week, Amy.

    1. Thank you, Jacqueline, I figure that I won’t get too many link ups these first few months :) Feel free to post anything old that may fit! Blessings.

  2. I love this idea and have been trying to be better at it lately as well. I don’t know if you saw, but I had a Classical Mamas Read series going at Living and Learning at Home. My desire was to get people talking about both classic books and books about classical education. We first went through The Well Trained Mind. Then things got busy and I never started posting about another book. I’ve started reading a classic Greek play, but haven’t started up my series/linkup again yet.

    1. Amy — I just checked out your link up!! I am so happy to find you and your blog — I don’t have The Well Trained MInd but I need to buy it :) I will link my post to you :)

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