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85 things i am thankful for {after breaking my arm}

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I am thankful….

  1. It was me, and not my son, who foolishly ran through the kitchen and tripped on my pant leg and fell over and broke my elbow in half.
  2. That both of my children were safe in their rooms when I fell.
  3. That I calmed myself, picked up and cradled my floppy, un-attached arm, unlocked the door, grabbed my phone, and sat on the couch with my legs up.
  4. That my neighbor was home and could watch the children.
  5. For 911.
  6. For the frozen peas she put on my head.
  7. For the pain medication and that I live in a country where it is available.
  8. That the EMTs were nice and turned music up high during the horrific bumps on the way to the hospital.
  9. That my husband was there waiting for me, to kiss my forehead, as they brought me out of the ambulance.
  10. That I had a perky, sweet nurse.
  11. That she ordered and got and helped me with a breast pump so I could pump and dump out all of the nasty drugs.
  12. That the X-ray technician was cute and smiled at me and held my hand as I sobbed through the unbearable x-rays.
  13. That the two orthopeadic surgeons didn’t mind when I screamed at them while they cracked my arm back together and slung it too tight.  For the jokes they told.
  14. That with a lot of Vaseline, my three antique, irreplaceable rings came off my finger, thank you God.
  15. That the CT scan ladies let me weep uncontrollably in the cold CT tube.
  16. That even though I had to have my plastered cast taken off and re-slung {=more intense pain}, the second pair of orthopeadic surgeons slung it tighter and at a more comfortable angle for the day’s wait before elbow surgery.
  17. For my joke about having to wear a tube top for the rest of my life after they said I would only make a 90% recovery.
  18. For pain medication — even though it makes me vomit, it is an option and made things slightly more bearable.
  19. For the two bites of apple sauce.
  20. For my father in law, who waited until 1am to pick us up from the hospital.
  21. That he stopped his car as I vomited into a bucket and told me to just take my time.
  22. That my mom helped me go to the bathroom, brush my teeth, and tuck me into bed.
  23. That I hit my pillow {well, with about 10 pillows around me} and slept for 4 hours straight.
  24. That my mom took wonderful care of my precious ones and they slept soundly and safely.
  25. That my baby girl nursed happily the next morning.
  26. That my baby girl slept through the night that night {for the first time!}
  27. That I stepped outside that day, for a brief moment, to breathe in the October air and watch my son run around.
  28. For the zuchini and rice my husband cooked.
  29. That I was able to rest the night before the surgery.
  30. That my sweet in-laws took my children to their house and cared for them so well.
  31. That I live in a culture where anesthesia and plates and pins are even an option.
  32. That I walked from the car to the surgery waiting room.
  33. That the sweet reception lady was wearing a mustache and huge glasses for Halloween.
  34. That I got into a bed right away.
  35. That it wasn’t too difficult to take my clothes off and put my gown on.
  36. That I chose not to get the nerve block after surgery.
  37. For the long walk and laughs in the bathroom with my husband.
  38. That my dad showed up and knew my surgeon.
  39. For a sweet, female anesthisiologist who gave me anti-nausea medication at the beginning.
  40. For the prayer between my dad, husband, and me — that God would direct the surgeon’s hands.
  41. For the sweet female nurse who promised that her and the other female would put in my catheter (gross) after I was asleep.
  42. That I was rolled in, saw the room and my name on the computer above, felt peace, and fell asleep.
  43. For the saltine cracker the nurse was shoving in my mouth as I woke up.
  44. That the surgeon did not have to cut an extra bone and the 4 1/2 hour surgery was very successful.
  45. For the sweet male nurse who told me stories of his pregnant wife.
  46. For my husband’s kisses when he saw me.
  47. That I could feel all my fingers, though the pain and tingling was so strong.
  48. For the awful walk to the bathroom.
  49. For my hospital bed.
  50. For my young non-mom nurse, who after waiting for a breast pump, walked all the way to the labor & delivery wing to retrieve it.
  51. That she helped me pump all the stuff out of my breasts — a first for her!
  52. That my children were sleeping soundly at grandma’s.
  53. For the little vanilla pudding cups.
  54. For the lady who was wheeled into my room at 2am, her son showed unconditional love for her by sleeping at her side — this touched my heart.
  55. That the night went by and is now gone.
  56. That my dad came to say hi and tell me I’m beautiful.
  57. That I looked forward to coming home that day.
  58. For the room service fruit cups.
  59. For the M&Ms my husband brought me.
  60. For the chipper occupational therapist who unwrapped my arm and encouraged me to begin moving it with simple exercises.
  61. For all the eager interns who kept coming in to make sure I could feel my fingers.
  62. For the pain medication.
  63. For the physical therapist who walked me around the hospital and snapped me out of it.
  64. For the wheelchair.
  65. For the awful and bumpy ride home.
  66. For the quiet nap with my husband.
  67. That I have my arm and not a prosthetic.
  68. That my shoulder is fine.
  69. My wrist and hand are fine.
  70. That it was my left hand and not my dominant right.
  71. That it wasn’t either of my legs.
  72. That I live close to an amazing hospital.
  73. For the kisses from my precious ones.
  74. For all the pillows I am blessed to have.
  75. For straws in my water glass.
  76. That the pain is less each day.
  77. That I can move my arm and do my exercises better each day.
  78. For my hand compression glove.
  79. For the clean and sterile gauze and bandages.
  80. For the delicious meals from neighbors and friends.
  81. For family and friends coming to diaper my baby and watch my children these first weeks.
  82. That my babies smile at me.
  83. That I will be able to hold them and hug them again {baby steps}.
  84. For knowing that I am corruptible.
  85. That I am confident in His neverending love.


pic Right before surgery.

  Finding little blessings in all the mess is what gets me through. wildflowerramblingstake1

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  1. Oh my goodness! Praise the Lord it wasn’t worse! This is a beautiful list! Praying for quick healing!

  2. I am so sorry about what you went through but you are an inspiration for how positive you have been. hoping you heal quickly

  3. Oh my!! You poor thing! But this list is awesome. Sometimes it takes a disaster to make you stop and really look at the small things – good for you for taking the time to see them and write them down! Take care and feel better soon! :)

  4. This is truly beautiful, that in the midst of this horrible incident, you are full of joy and thankfulness. It has certainly left a big impression on me!

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