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best books about trains for kids

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We love trains around here — and what could be better to teach children about them than reading the best hands-on books about trains!  I’ve compiled the best books about trains for kids — all books that include an extra feature to get your child interested in reading and to educate them on their favorite subject!train

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My son has loved trains ever since he first received his first little Thomas.  While we love the Thomas the Tank Engine series, the stories are a bit mature for him right now.  Children love interactive books that help them learn about these huge machines on the tracks!

All of these train books for kids teach children about trains through lifting the flaps, peaking at the secrets behind the pages, and expanding the pages, collecting and utilizing learning with stickers.  All of these books are from the amazing PaperPie.


Picture of On the Train
On the Train: Young engineers will delight in exploring all the hidden secrets On the Train. They simply hold the pages to the light to “see-through” the box cars of a freight train, the cabin of the passenger train, and much more. It’s an interactive, educational experience that will have them clamoring for more!

Picture of See Inside Trains

See Inside Trains: Lift the flaps to explore all kinds of exciting trains, from a luxury steam train fit for a queen to super-fast trains that run on magnets, trains that can climb up mountains, and lots, lots more.

Picture of Busy Train

Busy Train Book: Little children will love to watch the train as it whizzes around the tracks in this delightful interactive book.

Picture of First Sticker Book Trains

First Sticker Book: Train: There are lots of different trains to discover in this fun and informative sticker book. Scenes include Freight trains, Monorail, Steam train, Underground train, Busy platform and Make your own train. Over 80 stickers to add to the pages.

Picture of Big Book of Big Trains

Big Book of Big Trains: A fantastic book crammed with the world’s biggest and best trains. Young train enthusiasts will love learning about record-breaking trains, mountain trains, luxury travel, diesel power, steam giants and high speed electric and lots more featured in this great big book packed with stats and facts. Includes four gatefold spreads which open out to reveal the truly stunning types of the world’s trains.

Picture of Build Your Own Trains Sticker Book

Build your own Trains Sticker Book: A construction toy in sticker book form, with lots of different types of train to build using the stickers provided. Satisfyingly stylish and detailed artwork will appeal to children of all ages and each train is accompanied by its specifications, including dimensions, number of crew and top speed.

Picture of Build a Picture Trains Sticker Book

Build a Picture Trains Sticker Book: Put all the wheels, smokestacks, people and objects together to create the pictures in this delightful book. There are more than 100 fun stickers to add to the pages.

Picture of Look Inside Trains

Look Inside Trains:  Toot! Toot! The steam train whistles. “Clickety-clack! The freight train rattles. Lift the flaps to discover how trains work, what they do, and where in the world they go. From traditional steam trains to super-fast bullet trains, trams and funicular railways, children will love lifting the flaps to discover how different types of trains work. With lots of fun facts about about the history of train travel and famous trains and railways from around the world.

Picture of Baby's Very First Noisy Book Trains

Baby’s First Noisy Book: Trains: A brightly colored, touchy-feely book for babies. Press the buttons to hear the musical sound clips which have been specially composed to evoke the sounds of steam trains. Delightful to share, this book will engage even a tiny baby’s attention and as they grow babies will love to press the sound buttons themselves.

Picture of Build a Picture Trains, Trucks & Tractors Sticker Book

Trains, Trucks, Tractors Sticker Book: Add all the busy trains, trucks, tractors and drivers to the scenes to create the pictures in this delightful book. There aer more than 300 fun stickers to play with.

Picture of Noisy Train

Noisy Train: Poppy and Sam are going for a ride on an old steam train – but something is wrong with the engine. Little hands won’t be able to resist pressing the buttons to make all the noises in this charming story. Strong picture tabs allow scenes to be located quickly and easily.

Picture of Trains Lift and Look

Trains: Lift and Look: Who’s on the steam train today? What’s happening at the station? Find out by lifting all the flaps in this delightful board book. There are lots of things to spot and a few hidden surprises along the way.

Picture of Wind-up Train Book

Wind Up Train Book: Three train stories are retold with a new twist! Each story has a sturdy track embedded in the pages which the accompanying wind-up train toy can then be placed upon to follow around and bring the story to life.

Picture of Little Book of Train Stories with CD

Little Book of Train Stories with CD: This book with CD pack contains a delightful collection of short stories which have been especially written for young children who are just beginning to read. Lively narration with fun sound effects and music make the CD perfect for reading along with or just listening to.

Picture of Trains - IR

Trains: Beginners: When were the first trains built and how did they work? Who organizes how trains move along the track? How do some trains go uphill? In this book, you’ll find the answers and lots more fascinating facts about trains.

Picture of That's Not My Train

That’s Not My Train Baby Board Book: This delightful series of board books is aimed at very young children. The bright pictures, with their patches of different textures, are designed to develop sensory and language awareness. Babies and toddlers will love turning the pages and touching the tactile patches.


I hope you find a fun train book for your child in this list!  If your child has another interest, or obsession, you can search my PaperPie Book Store for sticker books and lift-the-flap books of all kinds!!

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