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creating a simple unit study

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Children are interested in learning about exciting and engaging topics.  They simply need the resources to further investigate their interests.  Unit studies will help a child grasp seemingly mature topics — even at a very young age.  My son is soaking up stories from Greek Myths right now through using the books and hands-on learning ideas that I describe in the videos below.  And when his interest has waned, we put it away and approach it when he’s ready to read about that topic again.


The more I spend time with and learn from my son, I realize that he likes smaller chunks of information at different times. Our studies of Around the World have helped him to learn all of the continents and oceans by name.  He understands many land mass and climate structures.  His knowledge grows, little by little, as we explore these unit studies.  Every time we go back to it, he continues to grasp just a little bit more.

Many ways to approach a unit study

I approach our unit studies in a non-formal way.  We continue to come back to the units, as he is interested, and grow his knowledge slowly.

Or, you could certainly read everything at once, focusing on one unit at a time from beginning to end.  Some children may like to be scheduled and finish from front to back.

Creating a simple unit study

Any of these topics can work with you and your child.

As your child approaches these interest-based unit studies, with age and maturity, each time they come back to a unit, they will retain more and different information from the last time they approached it.  I love this cyclical learning.  A child needs to hear about various topics in various times to retain and grow with the information.

I’m so thankful to have high-quality resources that teach on these topics.  All of the materials discussed in my videos are from PaperPie.  I hope you enjoy learning more of how you can incorporate reading time with your child into an educational and edifying experience together!

Greek Myths

Illustrated Stories from the Greek Myths: This beautiful volume includes the most popular Greek Myths including Heracles (Hercules), Perseus, Theseus, the Trojan Horse, and others.  It combines vibrant illustrations with basic text accessible for young readers.

Greek Myths: A lovely read aloud of the Greek stories written for younger children.  Beautiful illustrations bring myths to life for children of all ages. Includes a pronunciation guide at the back of the book which will help with the pronunciation of the Greek names.

Book of Greek Myths: This volume, for older children, includes an illustrated treasury of Greek myths filled with retellings of stories of brave heroes, powerful gods and terrible monsters. With thirty-two popular and exciting stories, illustrated notes in the margins, and an extensive reference section with illustrated maps of Ancient Greece, a glossary of tricky words, a huge Who’s Who of heroes, monsters, gods and locations and an online pronunciation guide to Greek names.

Greek Myths & Legends: This volume is a Greek encyclopedia which explains each of the characters and stories in more detail.  This illustrated reference guide provides vital information on the family, career, personality and supernatural attributes of the Greek gods, heroes and monsters.

Sticker Dressing Greek Myths: Learning about the thrilling Greek stories about Greek gods, kings and queens, heroes, monsters and magical creatures through using the stickers to dress and arm them all for their adventures.


Illustrated Stories from Shakespeare: Young children discover the stories of Twelfth Night, A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and the Tempest, all beautifully retold with lovely illustrations for easy reading.

Stories from Shakespeare: Ten Shakespeare plays retold in a easy to read style with beautiful illustrations.

World of Shakespeare Reference Book:  This book helps children explore the life and times of William Shakespeare while exploring his plays in deeper detail.

World of Shakespeare: This reference book is for slightly older children as they discover how Shakespeare lived, and why, hundreds of years later, his works are still being performed, interpreted and adapted all over the world.

Sticker Dressing Shakespeare: Children meet all of Shakespeare’s tragic and comic characters through using the stickers to dress them all in their plays.

Where’s Will: Find Shakespeare Hidden in His Plays: Children are invited to find William Shakespeare and a selection of his colorful characters from 10 of his best-loved plays.  Love this creative book for added learning even for the youngest child.

Shakespeare Gift Collection: This collection includes five books with stories taken from Shakespeare’s most popular plays: ‘Macbeth’, ‘Twelfth Night’, ‘Hamlet’, ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and ‘Romeo and Juliet’. Each story has been specially written for children learning to read, each with colorful illustrations and a ribbon marker.

Around the World

Stories from Around the World: This illustrated story collection shares tales of brave heroes and heroines are retold alongside stories of magic, creatures, and of how things first began.

Children’s Picture Atlas: This illustrated picture atlas takes children on a journey around the world including many details from weather to animals to food and culture.

Lift the Flap Picture Atlas: Children retain information through lifting flaps and reading bite size chunks of information.  This beautiful volume includes a world map in a pocket at the back of the book.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Costumes Around the World: Over 225 stickers help you dress various costumes on dolls from different cultures around the world.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Around the World: Children will use the over 250 stickers to dress the dolls in their traditional costumes, from beautiful silk sari at an Indian wedding to the elegant flamenco dresses in Spain.

Long Ago

Time Traveler: Children discover what life was like in this action-packed adventure through history studying: Knights & Castles, Viking Raiders, Rome & Romans, Pharaohs & Pyramids.

Living Long Ago: This book looks at the fascinating details of everyday life in the past, including topics: Clothes and Fashion, Homes and Houses, Food and Eating and Travel and Transport.

Then and Now: The simple text in this little discussion book help young children with their understanding of time, a concept which is difficult for them to grasp.

Clothes and Fashion to Color: Filled with gorgeous gowns, fabulous frocks and stylish accessories to color, this book provides a wonderful introduction to the history of fashion.

Clothes and Fashion Sticker Book: Educational, illustrated book packed with over 160 stickers of fabulous fashions throughout history, from Romans in draped togas, to Elizabethans in lace ruffs and Victorians in tight corsets, there are hundreds of sumptuous clothes and accessories to discover — this volume includes photographs, paintings, and illustrations.

Sticker Dolly Dressing Fashion Long Ago: Children see how clothes have changed over time, from togas in Ancient Rome to miniskirts of the 1960’s.

Sticker Dressing Warriors: Children can travel back in time with over 250 stickers learning about the fiercest and bravest warriors wore long ago, from Japanese Samurai and Mongol warlords to Native American chiefs.

I love reading

Aren’t these materials wonderful?!!

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