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Thanksgiving Letter Sorting {free printable!}

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Thanksgiving Letter Sort will help your child recognize their uppercase letters with simple Thanksgiving pictures and words.  I made this for my son while trying to make more Montessori trays that focus on language.  Check out this post for more Montessori Thanksgiving Activity Ideas!

Thanksgiving Letter Sort Free Printable Preschool Activity!  Wildflower Ramblings

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I set the laminated letter cards out on a wooden tray with wooden letters.  Both of these are from Michael’s {i.e. my favorite place}.

DSC05587 DSC05588I could not believe this.  My daughter is doing things that her brother had no interest in at her age {she is two}.  She did the Turkey sort all by herself, and here, she is working on the Pumpkin Pie!  I could not believe my little girl!  This is tell me that she likes this work and I’ll have to set out more opportunities to learn in this way!!

DSC05635 DSC05637

The printable is very simple and includes just six words on three pages.  It worked for our purposes, and I thought maybe some of you would like it as well :)

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You can download the Thanksgiving Letter Match free printable here.



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