lessons at the bus stop {Guest Post from my friend Bekah}

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My sweet friend, Bekah, wrote this last week on her Facebook page.  She shares the joys and aches of motherhood — watching our children grow older, as we have to let them have their own independent experiences, can be so fulfilling and heartbreaking at the same time.  It brought tears to my eyes, thinking about my own children getting older.  There is so much we want to teach our children!  

Bekah graciously has allowed me to share her words with you today.


Each morning is the same, 7:15am and we’re sitting in the car waiting for the school bus, chatting about our upcoming day and then we see it — the bus’ flashing lights. My heart literally starts racing faster as I realize she’s about to head off into this big world {Kindergarten}, without me, yet again.

I immediately start trying to tell her every bit of advice I can in those 30 seconds we have before she jumps out of my car and onto the bus…

“Be kind! 

Jesus Loves You!!

You’re beautiful!

Don’t tattle!!

Find ways to be helpful!!

You are so smart!!

God made you perfect just the way you are!

Don’t hang out with the naughty kids!” 

There’s no rhyme or reason for which particular ‘tips’ my heart randomly starts spewing out and often I laugh out loud at myself, thinking about what the bus driver hears/thinks.

…Today’s episode took the cake though. As the bus pulled away, my last ‘tip’ brought a tear to my eye… I believe it went something like this:

“When you grow up we’re going to be very best friends!!! You, me and sissy!! I can’t wait! I am soooo blessed to have you as my daughter!!”

And with that, I took my own breath away.

<<My cup runneth over>>


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