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DSC01240 my loves walking down the roadDSC01265 too high on the oak tree swing DSC01271 DSC01274 DSC01279DSC01211 loving bike rides down the road, little sister chasing after her heroDSC01284tracking a raccoon
DSC01360 May’s favorite animal, the pink birdsDSC00793 family of ducks, Mrs. MallardDSC00799throwing coins
DSC00830 John’s favorite animal, the anteaterDSC00868 best friendsDSC00888 water lilyDSC00922better watch out for mama peacock
DSC00920 cute little feathersDSC00943and my favorite animal

Share Wildflower Ramblings!

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  1. Great picstures of such sweet memories. This post inspires me to take more thoughtful pics of my children.. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

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