Preschool Squishy Bag Activity

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I have seen this on so many cute blogs, Play at Home Mom and Sugar Aunts, and I decided to make a squishy sensory bag for John!

I kept things very simple, but I may add a letter of the week when we do this again.  I got out a large baggie, pulled out a bottle of I’ll-never-use baby lotion, threw in some blue food coloring, some colorful craft beads, taped it shut and taped it to the window.


John loves it!  He really couldn’t believe I was letting him play with it.  It’s been up for a few days now and still holding strong.


In retrospect…. next time I will do a smaller baggie AND use aloe vera or hand sanitizer for that “clear” look!

IMG_5958Do you have more ideas on what to add?  


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