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More Preschool Busy Bags

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Preschool busy bags are great for on the go or when you need a quiet time at home!

Check out more Preschool Busy Bags

I have been making more busy bags!  They are so easy to make with crafts on hand (or from a quick trip to Michael’s)!

Clothes on a line.  These little shirts, shorts, and pants (there is a dress in the mix too, but I have a boy, so I didn’t cut those out) were so easy to cut out.  Now he can play with his own mini clothes, and attempt to use clothespins to hang them on a line!  We haven’t mastered that yet.  This wonderful template and idea is from Money Saving Mom.

Pipe cleaners in the empty spice container.  Brilliant and so easy.  All I had to do was cut some pipe cleaners in half and soak a spice container in water to get the label off.  A great activity for little hands!

And these cute button-felt strips are so fun too!  I made two of them, in case my son has a friend over and they want to do it together.  You just hand-sew a button onto one end of your ribbon, and a piece of felt onto the other, then you cut little felt squares or shapes, so your child can practice button-ing!

preschool busy bags

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