Swim cloth diapers: are they worth the price?

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Disposable swim diapers are silly.

They keep all the bulk of the water from the lake or pool with the pee swimming around on your baby’s sweet bottom.  The pee is getting into the pool.  You’re not tricking anyone.  And with it, your baby is uncomfortable and sinking.

The only thing a swim diaper needs to do is catch solids.  And with all that bulk, I don’t see where the solid is supposed to go.  Yep, up the top of the diaper.  Ick.

So just buy one swim diaper. {affiliate link}

My son wore his size medium swim diaper for two summers.

And my daughter still wears a size 12-month, but she has, ahem, three different color choices.  They are just way too adorable!

Easy peasy.  Best $12 I ever spent.  I could have spent that much on a bag of plastic disposables, destined for the landfill, but I’m glad I knew there was an alternative.  I would much rather hold her cute little bottom while in the water together than a big mass of gross-ness.

And for the girls, you can buy a cute bottom and top suit.  How cute is that, right?!

I see a lot more moms doing this.  It’s just the more cost-effective option.

(And what if they poop?  Well, wash it!  Check out my post on how to wash cloth diapers.)

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