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making noodle necklaces

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I thought that my son couldn’t participate in this age-old classic.  Stringing noodles with yarn.  But I just realized (duh!) — they make gluten-free noodles!  (He is highly allergic to touching gluten.)  We have cooked some gluten-free angel hair pasta for him before, but I just found these awesome “bigger” rigatoni noodles at the store.

I put the noodles and a taped piece of yarn before him on a tray.  He was very excited to get started.  (I showed him how to do the first one and tied it at the end.)


His concentration was so intense.  (Yes, my children are almost always shirtless during summer.)


His little fingers working on their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to string the noodles.


He worked on his necklace for a good ten minutes.  I watched him, but did not help him.  No throwing of the noodles (!) and he was very proud of himself.  I was proud too.


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  1. Yay! I’m glad your son didn’t have to miss out on this activity – every preschooler should made a macaroni necklace at least once in their life!

  2. I must confess that this is an activity that seems so simple that I almost was afraid it would be too simple and un-inviting, but I tend to neglect the concept that some of the simplest things are the biggest of hits (why I don’t know, because that is usually the things my kiddos like the most!). I think I am going to have to do this with my 2 1/2 year old :) I love the concentrated look on your little guy’s face :)

    1. Thanks Amy! You are right, the simplest things are sometimes their most triumphant moments — he was very determined, and then so proud of himself :)

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