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Learning through nature, art, and responsibility

My son has been helping me weed and garden these past weeks.  We have been working on our beds, but we are also prepping our pots and flower boxes for annuals.  I wanted him to have a plant of his own to take care of.  And since our annuals won’t be going in their pots for a few more weeks (we had a frost last week!), I wanted to give him a plant for now!  He fell in love with the sweet Lamb’s Ears plant — “They are so soft!”

We had a rogue Lamb’s Ear growing by my Irises and Echinacea, so I knew this was the perfect plant just for him.

We picked out a pot to paint.


And he got to painting.  At first he wanted to only paint the inside, but I had to show him that the plant and dirt would be going in, so he painted the outside too.  I was impressed by his painting job!


He was so excited to dig up his little plant. He took the shovel and got to work.  I had to help him get all the roots, though!  He thought the bottom tray was a top! DSC04094


He was super excited, even though his expression is so serious!  This was such a fun way to combine art with nature.  He did it all himself and he was very proud. His plant it sitting in our kitchen and he has to water it once a week, teaching him a little responsibility!


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Here is the line up:



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  1. What a neat idea. My boys help in our garden too. The youngest helped papa till and we are planting this weekend. It seems to be so much more fun when they are involved.

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