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Painting with little feet

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All you need for this easy activity is a long roll of paper (ours is from Ikea) and paint (we use Tempera paint — I have a huge collection left over from my Kindergarten teaching days).

And of course you need some sweet little feet that are excited to get messy :)

My son loved this activity.  He doesn’t love to get his hands messy with paint, so I didn’t know how this would turn out, but he loved it!  We will do it a few more times before the cold weather sets in — we cleaned up in the yard with the hose.

I saw this idea at Fun at Home with Kids — thanks Asia for the great idea!


I made some droplets on the paper — I decided to make the colors in lines.


Then you let your little one run around!


He was in his underwear :) 


He didn’t get anything but his feet “dirty” — he is very particular.


I kept adding colors as we went — and afterwards he played with the hose for about an hour.


ps – I wanted to make a note that, yes, my son’s feet and calves are rashy.  He has eczema {which I wrote about here}.  We have it “under control,” but at times, it is unsightly, and worse, itchy.  We have taken steps to help this genetic condition: homebirth, no vaccines, Vanicream, no gluten, raw milk, but alas, we are not in control.  It has taught me that only God knows and sees and ordains.  And my children are His.  xo

Happy painting,

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  1. Underwear!?!? What a big boy! No more diaper, yay! xxoo

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