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collecting bluebells

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The first flower of the season.  The wild bluebells.  There are more each year — I secretly hope that they will take over our whole lawn.  They are so glorious.  And just this week, something more glorious happened.  John was particularly concerned about the sweet bluebells when my husband rolled the yard in his forever battle with the moles.  But he ran to me while outside announcing that the bluebells are fine!  Daddy didn’t kill them all!  Yes, they are still blooming sweet one.  He was so excited.  They needed water.  So we filled our little cups with water.  Then we got more little cups.  And May joined him outside.  And we have a little bluebell garden both indoors and out.  Lots of learning happening here.  Yes the stem must be towards the water so the plant can still absorb water.  And they spread their seeds in the spring and more will grow again next year.  And they are a perennial, so although they come up each year they will only bloom for a short amount of time.  So much joy in the springtime.

DSC09260 DSC09265 DSC09271 DSC09273 DSC09275 DSC09278 DSC09282 DSC09283 DSC09284 DSC09287 DSC09288 DSC09293 DSC09299 DSC09302 DSC09303 DSC09304

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