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my outfit for a wedding {just for fun!}

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This is not a fashion blog.  On a normal day {home with kids} I wear my Lands End sweats and a Gap v-neck tee shirt.  Out and about, I will throw on a pair of my favorite Banana Republic jeans.  After my big closet purge {see: Creating a Content Closet}, I now only own items I love and that actually fit.  I love my closet now.  I can wear everything in it.  It is a good feeling.

But it’s fun to dress up every once in a while {besides an occasional, once every six months hot date with the hubby… we will try to do better now that our daughter is past one!}  We only had one wedding to attend this year.  Which is sad but good.  Most friends and family are married or now having baby showers.

So for my one wedding, I wanted to wear something new and beautiful.  I have been abiding by my {see: Be Healthy for You} health guidelines, which are mostly sleep, eat three meals, exercise three times weekly.  So I am feeling pretty good about where I’m at, but I am still working on myself….

Anyways, I wanted to share my outfit with you!  I went to Banana Republic {my favorite place to shop — I just wait for the great deals!}  And I found this beautiful navy and bright blue Sloan colorblock dress.  It fit me perfectly {with Spanx of course!} and I felt great in it!


I am so sad to say that I don’t have a picture of my husband and I at the wedding — mostly because he was looking smokin’, but I also felt very good too!!  We were rushing out the door, spewing out babysitting directions for my mom — I had never left my daughter for bed time!! {And she went to sleep amazingly well! Just 25 minutes of snuggles on the floor bed — see: Our Montessori Baby Room.}  So no pic to share :(

I didn’t know what shoes to wear with the dress, I was thinking of buying a neutral shoe to channel Kate Middleton, but as I was perusing the Banana Republic website, I saw these amazing Maisie Wedge suede heels in bright blue!  They match perfectly, and I don’t think they are too matchy-matchy.  I love that they are wedges = more comfy and they would go wonderfully well with a pair of black pants so I knew I’d wear them again :)  {I’m sad to see that they don’t sell bright blue anymore, but maybe they’ll bring them back next spring?}


And next was a beautiful purse to wear.  I only have one purse right now — my beautiful big slouchy black Coach purse that I found in pristine condition at a consignment shop for $60!  And I have my black Coach wristlet / wallet — but this outfit needed a pop.  Ha.  I was so excited when one of my favorite bloggers, Elise Blaha, blogged about clutches!  Perfect!  I went to Etsy to find the perfect one.  I loved the canary yellow and wanted it paired with real brown leather.  I asked Tanya at Eleven Roosters to custom-make it for me — I adore it!  And now I see that she is selling this color combo :)  I love that it can hold a lot or a little, and even an iPad, which I don’t have, but it is so simple and yet so beautiful!  I know will use it often, as it is my only brown/natural purse.

And here it is unfolded!

And the last piece — jewelry.  I had this area covered, as a few of my friends have been selling Stella & Dot jewelry for a while now.  I caved and had a party a while back and was so excited to buy some free and 50% off jewelry.  I have way too much now, but it’s fun to add big earrings to an outfit to dress it up.  I switch between gold and silver almost every day.  I chose to wear the Millie necklace as a layered bracelet and the Limited Edition Rebel earrings.  I thought it went well.

So at the end of the night, I wanted to still get a pic after we got home {we don’t have smart phones like normal people, see: Step Away from the Internet.}  But my husband was not having it at all.  Here is a self picture, minus my face because by the end of the night, as the dd, I had my glasses on and some very tired eyes.  We stayed out way too late — which was my gift to my husband because I am not a night owl.

And now back to normalcy.  Black pants and tshirts.  And my kiddos.  Fun to have a night out, but even better to kiss my precious ones in the morning. xo


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  1. Just what I needed to read today! What a great outfit to wear out. I would totally wear that too!

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