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I am loving the creativity of my two precious ones.  They really play independently, and together, all day long.  I join the fun sometimes.  But, I also have a limit to how much I can play {like right below} traveling to the moon!  I do like setting up activities and will play for a bit, but not for hours {lol} and that’s okay that I don’t have the stamina or the time.  My kids are happy and I don’t have to play with them, or entertain them, all day!  They make imaginative games up together all the time and it is wonderful to see their minds racing with ideas and to see them playing together.

I like to play with each of them and read to each of them, individually and together, each day.  If I do these two things {well, six things}, then I count the day a success.

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Here, they have their moon rock totes to collect moon rocks.  Note their space helmets as well!  This fun was inspired by their favorite space book, The Berenstain Bears on the Moon!  I sprinkled our “moon rocks” downstairs i.e. the moon, and the astronauts brought them back upstairs i.e. the spaceship to research and excavate and sort.  We used unifix cubes, big buttons, and counting bears.  I love that they worked together to sort by color!
DSC07588I set May on the floor with a bin of beans and our box of small parts {see details here} for some fun sensory play after shower time!
DSC07614 John decided he wanted to join in — both in their robes :)DSC07615Here, May is coloring with the little pieces of paper I cut and put in a small cardboard box.  This is always out for her, along with her thick triangular crayons.  She has made so many little pieces of art this way!
DSC07631 Also on our nature/math/art table was an invitation to learn with wooden buttons, our lovely sandpaper number cards, and other small pieces and numbers.DSC07632 We also used mosaic tiles — I try to encourage John to do 4 or 5 of these at a time, then he gets bored, but creates wonderful number sense — I think we need to get some teen numbers!!DSC07633 The kids created a little work shop.  This is May’s area, I think they were creating heater vents.DSC07646 DSC07665 We are slowly working through the God’s Little Explorers Preschool Curriculum.  Here we are working on making a Creation Book.  I had planned to make one page per day, but John was so excited that we made the whole book in one afternoon!  We love picking and choosing activities based on each bible story — according to our needs and interests — highly recommend!!



Here, John is cutting out the water, and May below is making the clouds with cotton balls — we put each page together on a laminated sheet in our laminator!DSC07678 DSC07679 We got out our bug collection from the summer, as John is still very obsessed with dragonflies.  My loved delicately picking them up!  They are slightly destroyed, but fun and learning ensued.DSC07702 Here is John’s beloved toy dragonfly that must be with him at all times. From our Insect ToobsDSC07703 We also learned what seeds need to grow — we discovered sprouts come out of our wet beans!!  The kids were so excited. We read several books about growing and seeds — also inspired by our Creation Unit and God’s Little Explorers.DSC07705 John still loves swords, and decided to make another one by cutting out paper and taping and stapling it together!DSC06202

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