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spaghetti sensory play for valentine’s day

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We have enjoyed this incredibly simple spaghetti sensory play!  It is always great to have a fun sensory opportunity for the kids at least once a day.  Whether it is water, beans, or this fun cooked spaghetti!  I cooked it in some color so the kids could start thinking about Valentine’s Day!


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I cooked our spaghetti with some red and pink food coloring.  I could have used liquid watercolors, and this would have produced much more vibrant noodles, but I knew both of my kids would want to eat this — it is food after all!!  So we didn’t have the beautiful reddish pink color that I would have hoped for, but the kids absolutely loved it anyways!

Invitation to Play

I set our our pastry mats — which I love and highly recommend — with some simple kitchen utensils.  I gave them each a spoon, fork, and knife.  I gave John a couple of extra items to play with the spaghetti.  Then i invited them in.  May’s smile says it all.  She was so, so excited.

DSC07648 DSC07649 DSC07651

They both ate the spaghetti, and my husband noted that we should just feed the kids like this every time because — magically — there were no noodles on the floor afterwards.

DSC07664 DSC07666

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