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We do not have a homeschooling room in our house.  I’d love one someday, but that just might not be in the cards for us.  (Which is F.I.N.E. — I am so blessed to be home with my babies and I wouldn’t have it any other way!!)  I didn’t know how to set up Tot School (what we affectionately call “Two’s” school right now), but things have fallen into place pretty nicely.

At first, I thought I wanted to jump on the whole workbox wagon, but that will have to wait.  (I love Carisa’s approach here on this workbox post and I love Ikea, so I think I will go with the Trofast shelves when the time comes.) My son is only 2 1/2, after all, and I think I’ll try to start that when he is 4 and we plan on working with My Father’s World Kindergarten.  I will play it by ear, his needs, and my sanity.

We do our schooling in John’s room, at his little red Ikea table, a gift from a friend.  He loves “school” every morning (he is always up by at least 7am, and we sit here together before his baby sister wakes up (she is an angel and sleeps in until 9am most days).

We go through our Tot School Printables from 1plus1plus1equals1 and other various printables and activities and every week, I keep that week’s letter envelope in our *messy* craft box.

Every Monday, John gets excited when there is the big switch-e-roo with the letters.  Since school happens in his room, I really can’t “surprise” him with a new week, so it’s fine for me that he “helps” with bringing out the new letter of the week.

I switch out our refrigerator with the new week’s magnets.

Our Tot Trays. (These are new each week and John is free to play with them all week; I try to bring out at least two other “messy” sensory activities throughout the week that are supervised.)

Our wall, next to his table and chairs.

Our bin on our red table.

And behind John’s door, our ABC bible memory verses from Songs for Saplings; here are Carisa’s coordinating ABC Bible Verses.

This works for us and John is learning more and more each day!  Please link back to how you organize your day in the comments  : )

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