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Tot School – Letter G

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John hasn’t been as interested in our printables.  Usually, when he wakes up, he asks for “school” and we get started almost immediately, but this week, he has wanted to play (namely, play his GGGGguitar!).  We have gotten some “school” in, but just not as much as usual — so I’ve decided to extend the G week to more like a week and a half!


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Every week, I put out six tot trays out for the week and I try to be intentional with activities  that correlate with each of the four Montessori learning categories: Language, Sensory, Mathematics, Practical Life.  Our Tot Trays are out on our shelf all week.  John can play with them at any time, but sometimes I’ll take one out intentionally for us to play together.


Here, John is playing his stacking blocks with Grandma.


Here are his Lauri uppercase alphabet peg letters.  I put out letters A through G for a review.  We also matched these with some letters I laminated.


Here is Lego 1 through 5 one to one correspondence work.  This Lego printable is from All Our Days.


A snowman sort from Royal Baloo.  John liked these snowmen a lot, but didn’t love sorting them.


John loved this paint chip color match.  I just cut apart some paint chips with different shades of colors.  He is beginning to get the hang of it.  The laminated template is from All Our Days.


And Melissa & Doug letters puzzles.  We did this for another letters review.  Letters A through G were out.  He especially likes to sleep with the dog and the cat.



Bible verse of the week:

Every good gift is from above.  James 1:17

We use the ABC bible verse songs from Songs for Saplings.  These songs are so catchy, beautiful, not “children’s music annoying,” and I find myself singing and learning and memorizing the bible verses along with John.  Carisa at 1plus1plus1equals1 has made coordinating ABC Bible Verses posters which have really helped with his memorization as well.  

Letter of the week: Gg

Our curriculum consists of 1plus1plus1equals1‘s Tot School ABC’s.  We don’t do everything that she includes in her packs, but we do most.

We put up our bible verse, a Ee small poster from Tot School, a left over Ee sign from my Kindergarten teaching days, and these wonderful Montessori sandpaper letters.  Can you believe they are only $13 from Amazon for upper and lowercase!?  I was so excited to find these, they are very sturdy cardboard and I think they will last a long time!  We put them up on the wall as well so he could feel the letter every morning and whenever he wanted to!


Do-A-Dot markers on his G is for Garbage Truck pages that I made.


And his G is for Goat pages.DSC00300

Stamping a G on his Goat and stamping a goat and farm animals on his page too!  He loves these little Melissa & Doug stamps.dsc00302


Here we are coloring with regular markers.  Coloring the little goats on the Gg.


Our vocabulary this week was about farm animals, which John loves!


We put his work on the clothesline above his bed, between two windows!


Book of the week:

The Little Goat by Phoebe and Judy Dunn


John loves this series of books (he has already read the ones about the Rabbit, Puppy, and Duck!)  These books are so sweet and simple and have gorgeous real life photography.

  • we read the book about 5-10 times a day
  • we learned that a baby goat is a kid
  • we played with his little Schleich goat kid!
  • we played with his little goats that he played with during sensory (and nap!) time
  • and we practiced our wagon skills (just like Sam the Goat) with his Little People Nativity set
  • we talked about receiving gifts and saying “thank you” since Sam the Goat was a gift from Andy’s grandfather: “Every good gift is from above!” –Our Bible memory verse for the week!



Size sorting his Garbage trucks!
sensoryI made a real fun Gg sensory bin this week.  We kept with hard Gg objects: goats, gorilla, glasses, green, golf, guitar.DSC00339

I set up a little utensil bin with it.


But he loved hitting the beans with the miniature golf club the best!


Cow is eating the beans.


This boy has trouble fighting the urge to just start throwing the beans everywhere.  We may hold off on sensory bins as a result…. He is just not respecting the privilege of them yet….



Our structured activity was pouring buttons from pitcher to pitcher.


John has also become quite the whisk-er.


And here he is practicing his pouring skills with the maple syrup.



We did some finger painting — which I don’t have a picture of….

We made a cute little guitar from a paper plate, a paint stir stick, and some rubber bands!  John loves guitars and pretends everything is a guitar — from a mop to a broom to a bat.  So G week has really been guitar week : )


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    1. It’s so hard because he really loves the bins, but then, out of nowhere, he starts throwing the beans everywhere :(

  1. I love your “G” sensory bin! What wonderful activities you shared this week! I will be sharing this post on Facebook and Pinterest.

  2. I love that button pouring activity. I keep trying to think of different things to pour besides water and beans. Great idea!

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