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water transfer with sponge

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This is such a simple activity.  You don’t have to buy anything new!  All you need are two bowls and a sponge.  We used a little one, but a bigger one might work better because more water can be transferred at once.


He is strengthening his hand muscles and also concentrating on keeping the water in the bowls.


He was very excited.  He loves anything to do with water.


By the end (after about two minutes of concentration, which I was proud of), he decided to just pour it from one bowl to another, which is very clever, and is practicing another skill — I thought it was sweet that he thought to do it faster this way.







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  1. He’s so clever! Love him! And Happy Birthday! xoxo

      1. I actually noticed and meant to comment. The whole thing looks great! xo

  2. This is a great idea. I pinned it to my August pinboard. I’m going to have to go pick up some more sponges!

  3. This looks like it would be fun outside on a hot day!

    1. We did some fun sensory play outside that I will share soon — but yes, anything with water outside on a hot day is perfect :) Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment, Sarah!!

    1. Thanks, Angela, I’m starting to do more simple things as during these summer months it’s harder to be inside for both the kids and me! :)

  4. I love those metal bowls that you did this activity with. My toddler has done a few tot trays with sponges, but he hasn’t done water transferring with sponges yet. It looks like your little boy loved it! :)

    1. I only use stainless bowls in my kitchen — they aren’t breakable and plastic seems to linger flavors — you can find them at Bed Bath and Beyond :)

  5. So simple and just lovely! Thank you for sharing it at the Kids CoOp. So thrilled to be featuring this post as part of invitations to play with water roundup. xo Pauline

  6. I remember the days DD used to this in her Monterssori pre-school program. She loved doing this activity and did it over and over again!
    -Resh @ StackingBooks.com

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