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marshmallow contrast art

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Contrast painting is so fun for little ones.  The contrasting colors of black and white stand out so brightly!  My kids loved having a chance to use a different medium — a marshmallow on a toothpick — for painting as well!  Perfect for creative spirits and little fine motor skills.

Abraham - Contrast Painting

This craft is part of our Crafts through the Bible series.  We are reading through the Bible and doing some crafts and activities from the amazing God’s Little Explorers Preschool curriculum! This week, we read the amazing story of Abram and how he followed God, even despite knowing what would happen next!  He took his family, his wife, his livestock, all he owned, and just listened to God!!  And he didn’t even have children to fulfill God’s promise that he would be the father of many nations!

Well, our project is of little stars in a nighttime sky…. “AbraHAM you will be the Father of many Nations!”

I love this project and how it lets the child leave the star creation up to their imaginations and their creative sentiments.  John was very intentional with his stars, and May created beautiful constellations complete with an asteroid belt (my interpretation).

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crafts through the bible - preschool art

This post is a part of our Crafts through the Bible series. We love learning about God’s Word with the God’s Little Explorers curriculum.

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