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Oh I love spring. I love my flowers in the garden. I feel like an old lady. Because every morning, I creep outside (with two little ones in tow, so it’s not really “creeping” per se) and I look to see if anything has bloomed or sprouted up! Now, I am an awful weeder. But no baby-babies and no pregnancies to hold me back this year — so I will try to keep my garden looking tidy. This weekend, we will be mulching and planting our annuals in our garden beds and window boxes. (I love desert roses, pansies, and gyraniums!)

And aren’t those squirrels the cutest?! One morning, my sweet May started screaming out the window, and we all looked out — three baby squirrels on the tree! They are growing every day, and thankfully, I’ve gotten a few nice pics of the babies and their mama.

And oh my word, have you ever seen a tulip stem curl like this? This must be some fantastic phenomenom, that, or God is simply amazing (that too), but isn’t that the strangest thing you’ve ever seen? Any words of wisdom?

I love the color and the beauty of all God has blessed us with. Blessings.

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  1. Aloha, beautiful flowers, very cool tulip stem….mahalo for your wonderful website…

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