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DSC09923Anxiously watching the ants work.
DSC09925 Making a lemonade stand (inside).DSC09921 Planting seeds.DSC09907 Feeding carrots to the horses.DSC09888 Beautiful sunset across the field.DSC09843 Camouflaging himself with leaves from my bush.DSC09802 Shucking the corn.DSC09966 Lots of toads and frogs to look at and poke.DSC09970 She is my brave girl.DSC09998 A bean sensory bin fail.  DSC00219 Our maples.DSC00045 Jumping off the diving board.DSC00049 Swimming to the side unassisted.  And swimming the length of the pool on his back!DSC00005 Painting rocks in the yard.DSC00163 Fishing with a buddy.DSC00166“Mowing” a friend’s lawn.
DSC00216Beautiful days.  We love springtime.

Share Wildflower Ramblings!

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