Handmade Gifts by Kids: Guest post from Nadia at Teach Me Mommy!

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I won’t be blogging for a bit after I broke my arm last week (ouch! — post to come to let you all know what happened– though I am still trying to do updates on my Facebook page).  


I am excited about this guest post from Nadia at Teach Me Mommy!  I hope you check out her blog — it is filled with learning activities for little ones.  Thanks, Nadia, for sharing these wonderful craft ideas, I can’t wait to see more over at your blog!

Who does not like a handmade gift?

A keepsake one will cherish forever!


This series I will start here on Wildflower Ramblings, and will carry on with it on my blog, Teach me Mommy, weekly until Christmas! Most of these gifts were made by my craft studio kids, and they just loved making it! And I am sure your kids will do too! So lots of ideas for you to get your kids started on those special handmade gifts for Grandparents, Teachers, Family and Friends.

It is easy, fun and thoughtful (and frugal) gift craft ideas that I will be sharing. So let the fun begin! This week, the two crafts are photo gifts.


What you need:

  • a piece of cardboard, cut like a photo frame
  • another piece of cardboard(same size) for the backing of the photo
  • white glue (some calls it wood glue,others call it school glue)
  • foil
  • magnets (optional)

What to do:

1) Decide on a pattern or pictures you want for the frame

2) Draw the pattern or pictures with the glue onto the frame (younger kids will need help with this step, older kids can first draw with a pencil and then trace with the glue.)

3) Let it dry overnight until completely dry

4) Cover the frame with foil strips, use strips slightly bigger than the frame panels and fold it away under the panels

5) Smooth the foil gently until you can see all the patterns made by the glue

6) Insert the photo

7) Glue the cardboard at the back of the photo holding it all together

8) You can glue magnets on the back to use on the fridge

All done!


What you need:

  • A wooden flower like the one in the photo, or cut a flower out of cardboard
  • a pipe cleaner
  • paint
  • glitter glue
  • magnets

What to do: 

1) Paint the flower and let it dry

2) Decorate with glitter glue and let it dry

3) Attach photo by cutting the photo a bit bigger than the circle of the flower, glue to the back of the flower

4) Attach pipe cleaner as the stem

5) Attach magnets at the back

All done!


I hope your kids will enjoy this gift crafts!  And remember to come by my blog for more Handmade Gifts by Kids next week!

Happy Crafting!


Nadia is mom to her two little ones and lives in South Africa. You can find her at Teach Me Mommy and her Facebook page.

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