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hands-on learning palette

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The Learning Palette is an exciting, hands on learning tool that helps children learn essential skills in literacy and mathematics.  This self-correcting learning game is both screen free and engaging!  Make sure to scroll below for a video example of how it works — and enter the giveaway to win one!!


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The Learning Palette can be used for ages Preschool through Fifth Grade.  It is an independent learning game that is engaging and utilizes fine motor skills while learning vital, grade-level skills.

We pull out our Learning Palette every day for a quick learning time or as an incentive.  Now that my son has used it several times, he doesn’t need me to be with him, but when we pull out a new cards, I like to sit down with him and join the fun :)  Truthfully, at first I thought that the Learning Palette looked too difficult and confusing.  It seemed to have too many pieces and parts.  BUT I gave it a chance and I am so thrilled I did!  It is very simple once you try it once and it is SO fun and SO engaging, even for my four and a half year old son.

How do you use it?

How does the Learning Palette work? Well, it’s actually very simple.

  • You take the colored discs out and set them beside the base: (purple, holed purple, green, holed green, yellow, holed yellow, blue, holed blue, orange, holed orange, red, holed red).
  • Next, you look at a square in the middle.  Let’s look below: do you see the green circledisc next to the one “1” radish? Your child will put the green disc next to the number one “1”


  • Once your child has placed all the discs in their slots, they can turn over the card, and do a check on learning.  It is self correcting!  You child can see, by looking at the colors and discs, if they got any correct or wrong!


  • I made a video to show you how the Learning Palette works — check it out :)

What do I love about the Learning Palette?

It is screen free!

It can be used as an incentive for any child or as a “center” in either homeschool or school!

Many subjects are covered and reviewed, for both literacy (for grades K thru 5th) and math thru grades K thru 3rd)!

It combines a hands-on approach with real, substantive learning.

It is self-correcting.  The child feels accomplished after completing one disc, and then can turn the card around for the self-correcting side.  He can see his mistakes and work on them!

It has a cover for easy storage.

There are many card packs (all listed below) so this learning tool grows with your child!

DSC09224 DSC09132


There are many packs available for both literacy and mathematics.  They come in a cardboard pack, like the ones below, and there are 12 cards per pack.  Great for applying concepts learned in preschool or kindergarten (or older grades too!) We just don’t have those packs yet ;)



What is available?

There are many card packs to choose from, so I wanted to list them all here!!

Learning Palette Base

Learning Palette Starter Set – Kindergarten (Base + 1 pack of 12 math cards)

Learning Palette Starter Set – First Grade (Base + 1 pack of 12 math cards)

Learning Palette Starter Set – Second Grade (Base + 1 pack of 12 math cards)

Learning Palette Set 1 (Base + 5 packs of 12 Kindergarten cards each: Alphabet, Counting, Rhyming words, Beginning consonants, Beginning vocabulary, Vowels)

Kindergarten Math Center Kit (Base + 6 packs of 12 math cards each: Matching and Early Numbers, Numbers-Coins & Fractions, Intro to Algebra, Intro to Geometry and Measurement, Intro to Data)

First Grade Math Center Kit (Base + 6 packs of 12 math cards each: Numbers 0-10, Intro to Addition& Subtraction, Numbers 0-100, Money, Simple Fractions, Addition & subtractions with Sums &
Differences through 18, Algebra Concepts Level 1, Geometry and Measurement Level 1, and Probability and Statistics Level 1.)

Second Grade Math Center Kit (Base + 6 packs of 12 math cards each: Adding and Subtracting 2-Digit Numbers, Understanding 3-Digit Numbers, Money, Fractions and Simple Multiplication and Division, Algebra Concepts Level 2, Geometry and Measurement Level 2, and Probability and Statistics Level 2.)

Kindergarten Reading Center Kit (Base + 5 packs of 12 literacy cards each: Alphabet, Beginning Consonants, Rhyming Words, Beginning Vocabulary, and Vowels)

First Grade Math Center Kit (Base + 5 packs of 12 literacy cards each: Blends & Digraphs, Reading Comprehension – Level 1, Nouns, Verbs and Adjectives, Vocabulary – Level 1, and Phonics)

Second Grade Reading Center Kit (Base + 5 packs of 12 literacy cards each: Capitalization and Punctuation, Reading Comprehension – Level 2, Word Usage, Vocabulary – Level 2, and Grammar

Third Grade Reading Center Kit (Base + 5 packs of 12 literacy cards each: Prefixes and Suffixes, Reading Comprehension, Synonyms, Antonyms, and Homophones, Vocabulary, Grammar)

 The packs are also available individually as well.  You can find them all here.

Here they are, with their secure lid, so pieces won’t get lost!  We absolutely love the Learning Palette — I love to provide fun, hands-on learning opportunities for my son, and this is the perfect solution for a quiet learning activity!  Please let me know if you have any questions!!



I hope you’ve enjoyed our review of the Learning Palette!  Children love hands on, exciting and I hope this gave you a new idea for your homeschooling and teaching! 

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  1. Amy Calvert says:

    I am interested–I see how it works but I have some questions. I’ll have to fully check it out. Thanks for sharing a fun new product!

    1. Hi, Amy!! What questions do you have about it — I’d love to know how I can better explain its uses :)

  2. I love Usborne books. My children had them growing up and now I want to teach my grandchildren to love reading.. My favorite books for young readers are The animal collection or the busy town busy farm books.

  3. The Big Book of Big Dinosaurs looks awesome. I love Usborne books and I think my so who is obsessed with dinosaurs would love it.

  4. The books are beautiful

  5. This giveaway is so awesome!!! You found just the perfect tool that I need to help my son progress (special needs child that I homeschool). He would absolutely love this! Thank you so very much for all that you do and share for everyone. You are fantabulous! I always look forward to your emails and posts. :-)

  6. All of books, lol. Discovery Adventure Pack #1, All of the Reference Sticker Books, Build Your Own Sticker Books (all of them), Sticker Dressing Activity pack, and the Beginners Adventure Collection. Books are so very very important in helping a child read, learn and grow, write, explore creativity and passion. I definitely need to use the Usborne Site for my next book order (homeschool teacher). I am thrilled and excited. Thank so very much for all that you do. :-)

  7. Alta Mahan says:

    I have never seen anything like this before. Fascinating. I am going to have to go back and spend more time looking into this product. I have a 5 year old girl heading into grade 1-2 in most of her subjects, and I would be interested to see how this will fit in with her learning style. I love the no screen time! Thanks for sharing this.

  8. Alta Mahan says:

    By the way…about your Usborne site, which product do we like the most? My problem is to not want to get them all!!! We love pretty much any thing from Usborne!

  9. Amanda N. says:

    I’m really loving the learning wraps.

  10. peek inside the garden & gardening for beginners both sound like wonderful books! we’re doing a family garden this year, so these would be perfect for us! thanks! :)

    1. We love Peek Inside the Garden — and Gardening for beginners is on my wish list too!!! Thanks so much for commenting, Beth!

  11. Pam Spann says:

    I like the Phonics Collection.

  12. My son would love the Soccer Activity Pack

  13. Jackie Gramas says:

    This looks like such a great tool. We are just starting our homeschool journey and are in need of resources! Cool!

  14. We love all books transportation themed. The “On the Train” book looks wonderful.

  15. Pamela Newton says:

    The early reading for kindergarten looks very interesting. I could see many of my Pre-K children enjoying this learning toy/tool. It is very colorful and hands-on without it being an iPad, cell phone with all the Apps and so much more. I have many children that find it difficult to sit and “play/learn” without the business of something talking to it, etc. I am going to check out the website and maybe buy one of these for next school year. I also think this would be a great b-day present for my granddaughter who is 7-years old. Thanks for sharing!

  16. Love all the books – it’s great to have such a range to choose from!

  17. I did not realize when I was reading about the palette that it is an Usborne item. They have so many awesome items. Knowing they made it makes me even more interested in winning. Right now they have these books that I really have my eye on for my three year old its the wind up books and I’d like the cupcake kit for my oldest. She has decided she wants to be a cook when she grows up but she really just wants to cook sweets.

  18. I love Usborne … right now my boys favorite is the Big Book of Big Machines. We have read that one, well, a lot! This learning palette looks amazing. Fun and learning, what could be better?

  19. Love Usbourne books. the Picture Puzzle book looks great.

  20. I am just wondering if I order the pallet starter set kindergarten$19 – starter kit 1 $69 and the kindergarten math $64and Kindergarten reading $64 am I overlapping or is it all new material? I have a preschool age and kindergarten age
    That 4 separate items and I just don’t want to get them and have overlapping material but can’t find it anywhere

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