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This isn’t the post where I show you our new homeschooling room.  I wanted to share here because I have been absent for so long (so sorry).  I have a fun “this is our homeschooling place” post coming up because I’m so excited to share it with you!  But here is some of what I have captured in the last few weeks.  Every day, we read together and I try to spend individual math and reading/handwriting time with each of the children.  They are young.  Learning is play.  And they are learning all day.

Busy house these days and I can’t wait to share more — but living is more important right now <3  Hugs and blessings.

DSC03553 DSC03552 May has adored her Spielgaben nature cards.  She makes wonderful adaptations with the little pieces.  Aren’t her creations gorgeous?

DSC03554 Here is her art area.  It is currently overloaded with creations and cut paper.  Total chaotic, creative mess.  She loves spending time here, writing letters, cutting, taping.  So much wonder in her.

DSC03555 Every morning I set up five words for John to create with his Montessori moveable alphabet.  He enjoys this work and sometimes even does it on his own without prompting.  Then he gets to choose two words to write in his notebook.  We are really focusing on pencil grip right now.

DSC03558 John helping his sister.

DSC03562 More words.

DSC03560 The kids realized that the bee needed only three body parts and six legs.  Without prompting from me.  My boy knows his bug anatomy!

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