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We are taking these days very simply and easy.  Sometimes I (still) feel guilty about that.  Letting them take the lead in their play and their days.  I wish I did “more.”


Time right now doesn’t allow for that.

AND, as I write, my two are playing together in their house made of leaves, two buys in our house searching for spiders and other bugs.  They made a fire and windows and a bathroom.  They’ve been outside on this sunny, cool autumn day for more than an hour.

I think that since I step back (I was outside for about 20 minutes to give them me, my play time), they

Time hasn’t allowed because we are selling our house, I have been on active duty, yet again, and things are just really, really busy.  When we have a day at home (I wish it were at least three or four, but it’s often only two), I stick to my reading at least at breakfast and lunch, if not all morning.  :) And I definitely bring out some of our My Father’s World fun or our American History (John’s favorite).


Reading Farmyard Tales, a beloved classic from Usborne — we have been blessed by so many new books in our library these days due to adding on my job as a consultant, I am so happy with my newfound success for our family with the amazing PaperPie business.


May can now put the whole United States puzzle together all by herself — she remains so patient!!


Painting with the Magic Painting Book.  She wants to paint every day.


Sorting little alphabet objects by beginning sounds with our Montessori Alphabet Box.

DSC01548 DSC02090

Sorting little cylinders — a wonderful Montessori sensorial activity that John became very obsessed with :)


We spend a lot of individual playing time listening to stories on tape and pleasant music around the house.  We have been LOVING Laurie Berkner’s new cd, Favorite Classic Kids’ Songs!  We were so excited to receive this from Laurie herself — it includes 57 familiar and fun songs in a 2-disc set, such as “A Tisket, A Tasket”, “Little Boy Blue”, and “Hush Little Baby”, along with some Laurie classics.  It is THE perfect addition to any home with young children.  We love the mix of guitars and various instruments and that it is not annoying like some kids’ music can be.  It is exciting, entertaining, and enjoyable even for the adults.  I love that my children are learning these classic songs Laurie-style, the queen of children’s music!


Cutting felt and creating felt creatures while Mama tries to finish our ABC Felt Animals.


John wanted to launch a tennis ball.  He has these crazy ideas all the sudden, so I encouraged him to try it out.  I wanted him to make the decisions, but I helped him with the materials as he thought of them and the problems that came up.


Exploring the nearby farm.


Building words with our Montessori moveable alphabet and alphabet objects.


Reading with Daddy — That’s Not My Dragon <3 <3  My favorite moments.


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