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how to use the montessori alphabet box

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I shared how to make a Montessori Alphabet Box a little while back.  You can check out all the details on what box we use and what supplies we have for this important phonics learning time. Each letter has its own little box full of objects that begin with that sound.  Today, I am happy to show you how to use all the little boxes full of tiny objects that help create phonemic awareness for little ones.How to use the Montessori Alphabet Box from Wildflower Ramblings

I don’t think there is a greater joy for a teacher than to hear her own child learn his beginning sounds.  “C-c-c-cow! C!”  “F-f-f-fire truck!  F!”  “T-t-t-t-target! That’s a T!”  John (who just turned four) is learning every day.  On his own, while reading books, or just through speaking.  I hear him recognizing the beginning sounds of words and I beam with pride and awe.  He is learning these sounds on his own.  It is my job, as his mother and teacher, to further his innate learning.  And what better tool to use that a Montessori Alphabet Box?!  This tool incorporates phonemic awareness with physical and sensory touch.  A child learns to sound out his objects and place them in their own baskets or compartments.  This is only one way that we are using our Montessori Alphabet Box.  I will be sharing more ways along our journey through learning our sounds!!

I am so happy to say, that we are using the Montessori Alphabet Box regularly!  We always put out the “letter of the week” — here we are working with the letter Dd.  And I choose a contrasting sound — here we chose Aa.  (For example, I wouldn’t choose a “Cc” or a “Tt” due to too many similarities in mouth placement when speaking the sounds.)

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Here are our boxes (remember to check out all the details on my boxes at How to make a Montessori Alphabet Box).  I also included big magnet letters, so John would have a big and visual reminder of what letter we are working on.DSC02133I placed the contents of each of the little boxes into a center compartment of this wonderful three-part tray that I scored at Salvation Army.  Amazon has a similar tray here.DSC02125 I am amazed at the difference in my son’s abilities from just two short months ago.  His mind has developed towards this work, and he thinks it is fun to handle these special, little objects!DSC02128 He loved the little aaaa-alligator!DSC02129He usually likes to do two sets of letters.  We chose Bb and Ss for his next set and he got right to work again.DSC02134 I seriously beam with pride watching him, but I remember watching minds light up in both my kindergarten and preschool classroom work.  It is the best.  Watching learning happen for the first time.  Amazing.How to use the Montessori Alphabet Box from Wildflower Ramblings DSC02139 Here is our complete Montessori Alphabet Box.  Make sure to check out that post for lots of details on how to make, and more ideas for how to use, the Montessori Alphabet Box!DSC02144

I hope this tool will benefit your child literacy learning work!  Thank you so much for pinning or sharing this post!

How to use the Montessori Alphabet Box from Wildflower Ramblings


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  1. I can’t thank you enough for the idea for this alphabet box. I made one for my autistic son, and he’s made great progress learning his alphabet and is beginning to sound out small words.

  2. Love this! I actually just finished making something similar but not in a box. I stored all the items in Quart-sized Ziplock bags, and never thought of using a box. Darn!

    I also love the idea of using a tray with 3 spots to distinguish the 2 letter sounds. I was thinking of mixing 2 bags worth of objects into 1 sensory bin and my son would have to distinguish the sounds as he sifted for them. Please keep positing ways that you use your box :)

    1. I’m so glad this was helpful!! I just posted my son using it in one of our recent “homeschooling days” posts :) You can still use a box lol, thanks Lisa!

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