Why teachers choose to homeschool {series at Hip Homeschool Moms}

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I am honored to be included in a five-part series of Why Teachers Choose to Homeschool at Hip Homeschool Moms.  Having a Masters in Education and being a former Kindergarten teacher, I am often asked why I would homeschool.  Well, five of us, who used to be teachers, explain why we choose to homeschool our children in this exciting series!  Here is the line up — I will update to include links to all the posts from this week!  My post is up today, Taking Control of my Child’s Education.

Day 1:  The teacher who wanted to take control of her child’s education, by Amy at Wildflower Ramblings

Day 2:  The teacher who couldn’t wait for my kids to attend school, by Liz at Watch Me Homeschool

Day 3:  The teacher who didn’t like the government’s curriculum proposals, by Taryn at TarynHayes.com

Day 4:  The teacher who moved and I hadn’t planned on homeschooling more than a year, by Jennifer at Royal Little Lambs

Day 5:  The teacher whose special needs child wasn’t learning, by Wendy at Homeschooling Blessings



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  1. I love how the highlighted portion of your quote is “TAKE CONTROL” haha! :)

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