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she loves her baby chair

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I wrote about my discovery of and search for baby/”weaning” chairs in: My re-sale finds {includes a Montessori me-do-it chair!}  Now I present you with a few {lot} pictures of evidence of how happy and special and independent my little girl is feeling in her chair!

She loves getting in and out.  She loves to stand and push it to walk.  She loves knowing that it is hers.  For some reason, her brother has not really tried to “take it” from her, so she knows it is just hers and I know she gets satisfaction from that!  I don’t have a proper table for her, but I have used another kitchen stool or a short chair as a substitute.

She has had little meals at her chair (cheese, raisins, non-messy food).  I also presented her with a few Montessori wooden baby toys which she played with, and then promptly threw on the floor (she’s working on the concentration thing).

It is so fun to see her so happy about her little chair — here are some sweet, heavenly baby pictures of my sweet May.

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DSC07598 DSC07600 DSC07602 DSC07605 DSC07606 DSC07607 DSC07618 DSC07628DSC07630

I love reading about Montessori practices (and house set-ups) for babies (and all children), so please share any posts you have written, I would love to read them!

Happy discovering,

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  1. That lil chair is just perfect for her! Great find!! Your baby is adorable :)

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