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my re-sale finds {includes a montessori me-do-it chair!}

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I went out to a re-sale shop yesterday looking for a Me-Do-It chair — also called a weaning chair.  Ever since reading about them from How We Montessori, I was absolutely convinced I needed one for my growing 9-month-old baby girl.  Last night {don’t tell Marshall}, I almost bought one for $80.  I knew he would kill me {no, literally}, but I reconsidered and thought that it was a bit too much to spend, I reluctantly decided against buying it.

So I set out to find one.  I knew it would be impossible.  But just maybe I could buy a baby chair that was similar to the one’s described at How We Montessori.  Here and here.

I am beginning/continuing to make my home more child-centered, that is, more independent for them.  I want to focus on creating a kitchen set-up — to teach taking care of his environment and himself — setting the table, clearing the table, being more independent!  I have a short {long} list:

  • children’s kitchen table
  • two chairs
  • baby chair
  • baskets for shoes
  • baskets for toys
  • glass pitcher to keep at the table for accessibility to water
  • Montessori learning materials
  • a safe wall mirror for May’s baby room
  • always, wooden toys

Well, on my adventures today, God answered my prayer.  This was truly a miracle.  After I found many cute baskets and some wooden toys, I found this Me-Do-It, little chair.  I could not believe my eyes.  I had to do a triple take.  Then I quickly snatched it up before anyone could grab it from me.  And it was eight dollars.  That deserves a “Hallelujah”!


Here are all of my finds — some beautiful baskets (which for right now will be used for our shoes!), some toys and books (I’m only buying wooden items right now), a kitchen table for John, a little red chair for him (which my mother-in-law has graciously volunteered to paint white for me, since I loathe painting), and my sweet little Me-Do-It, weaning chair.


Here are my lovelies looking at all the new items as I washed and put them away.  Wooden blocks, shapes puzzles, a cute wooden penguin puzzle, and a baby wooden “skwish” (you can find a colorful one at Amazon), and a musical triangle (for my music-loving boy!)


Below is the beginning of our kitchen set-up.  I have to find one more chair, I hope to hang a towel on the wall, and I hope to have a glass pitcher for water soon. (I put one of his little glasses out with a Ball jar of water for now.)  Also, I will be buying this table setting mat to help John start to set the table.  He can do these activities.  He wants to.  He only needs to be given the opportunity!

I don’t have a table for May with her little chair, but I will use our stool which can work for now.  For playing, for eating, for learning, for challenging.  I can’t wait to get her in it for some quality baby play.  (It has a little green marker stain, but I’ll ask my mother-in-law to help with that too!)  Isn’t it adorable?

The kitchen area will get there slowly.




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  1. I love reading posts like this! I have the me do it chairs and they came two to a set so one actually flips to make a table! I wish I was close since we have an enormous stock of wooden toys that Liam has moved out of and they are just in a bin ready to be sold!

    1. Sarah, you are so sweet :) I would have loved to buy your toys from you!! I would love to have another baby chair, too, but hopefully I’ll find a little table that will be perfect :)

  2. Also we are working this summer on creating a more montessori inspired home environment ona budget of course. Good job!

  3. What incredible finds! So glad you were able to get these. I love thrifting and there’s nothing quite like an awesome Montessori find! A decent amount of what we have is second hand. I love op shops for practical life pieces :)

    1. Thanks Rachel :) I have just browsed through the Montessori Services catalog and made a long list of what I “need” so I will be out searching again — whatever I don’t find I’ll purchase from there :) My son has been so excited about it and I am so glad that I learning more about preparing his environment to be more independent for him!!

  4. What a great find and how lovely that your home is becoming more child centered.

  5. I adore reading posts similar to this! We’ve the everyone practice it chairs and so they got a pair of with a arranged consequently one in fact flips to manufacture a kitchen table! When i wish When i has been shut considering that we now have a massive inventory associated with wood made toys and games that Liam has transferred beyond and perhaps they are merely in the can able to possibly be distributed!

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