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our school memories notebooks {recording memories}

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This post is second in a series on how we keep and record memories.  Check out the main page for links to all the posts!


If you follow my blog, you will know that while we practice child-led learning for many subjects and activities, we also move through the alphabet at a slow and relaxed pace.  This is so I can maintain some direction for teaching our home Tot School and Home Preschool.  It is also to make sure we are reinforcing letter and sound work each week.

I keep 1 or 2 pages from each letter, from a project {like swords or the human body}, or his letters to family or sorry notes to his sister, and other various work and holiday crafts, in a School Notebook for my son. I choose my favorites — the ones that he spent effort on and exhibits pride in.

This notebook also serves as a review tool!!  He loves looking through his work, and seeing each letter and his projects. It is a nice review, as well as a very sentimental notebook for me!!

I plan on continuing to save his work in these notebooks. A notebook per year does sound like a lot (18 by the time he’s 18?!) But I know I will cherish these items, and perhaps consolidate when I am less of a sap. Sometimes he only has one page to save per letter or project, depending on his interests, andIt has been hard for me to recycle his other 8 or so pieces of paper at the end of each letter cycle — but I know it’s necessary!)


DSC03078DSC03080 May {now two years old!!} has had her notebook for almost a year now.  I probably keep too many of her papers.  She enjoys writing and coloring much more than John did at her age, so I must remember to not horde all the work.  May’s Tot School is a simple compilation of her coloring and painting pages, in order.  But oh the pride of a mother!! :)DSC03082 DSC03081 DSC03083 DSC03084

Do you keep your child’s tot school and/or preschool work?

How do you organize all the art and papers?


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  1. I’m looking at something that I can do online, that might be able to store so our family can see it. I like the idea of these binders, but I also wanted something that her grandparents can log into to see her progress. :)

  2. Nice way to store memories. One more way to utilize these memories by making few frames out of it or make some holiday cards and use them all to decorate your kids room. You can also place few in other places like hall and bedrooms.

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