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Our sweet little preschooler loves to do all the things her big brother and big sister do! She likes doing “work” at the table while they are having math or language arts time.

Preschool can simply be reading aloud at home and playing outside together. Baking together, living life and talking about life together. But if you do want to do more, here are some suggestions. They are no means required or exhaustive. This has worked for us. My son needed other things. He “fought” seat work, until I really realized that he is just uninterested in all the bells and whistles that I tried to add to our “preschool time”.

My advice?

  • Take each child where they’re at.
  • Read to your child.
  • Play outdoors.
  • Bake together
  • Have short 15 minute time (if you are both enjoying it), working on words and workbooks.
  • That’s it.
  • Live life and have some extra activity books for times they need to be kept busy!

The Gather Round Preschool Program: Letters & Numbers has been perfect for her. This sweet preschool curriculum walks a child through the alphabet in a very gentle way. Letters & Numbers 1 & 2 goes through the alphabet once, then Letters & Numbers 3 & 4 walks them through the alphabet again. For 1 & 2, the child becomes familiar and has lots of opportunities to color. Another fun aspect is you read about a wonderful animal in the Forest or on the Farm — and at the end of each week the child tells a story about the animal (or really anything they want) and you write it down. This was such a fun creative writing time for us, and I cherish her workbooks with these little stories she wrote and illustrated! Check out all we’ve used in our 4 year old preschool homeschool in the quick video I made below!


Preschool materials we used and I shared in the video!

Elementary Phonics as a core rhyming, speaking, and listening curriculum

Letters + Numbers 1 & 2 from Gather Round

Gentle + Classical Nature Vol 1

See my review video of G+C Nature here

Telling the Time Book

PaperPie Activity Books

First Sticker books

First Magic painting

Little Coloring books

Pre-Writing from The Good and the Beautiful

Rod and Staff Activity Books

4 year old preschool curriculum plans

Preschool Homeschool

We have loved sharing our homeschool plans with you, and I hope this will encourage you that less is more. Experiences and reading aloud and outdoor play time is really enough! But if you want some other fun things to do, I hope these ideas are a blessing!

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preschool homeschool

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