My son loves the snot sucker: Ode to NoseFrida

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My daughter’s nose has been a bit stuffy this past week. I don’t know if it is a minor cold or due to inclement weather.  Either way, she sometimes had to stop nursing to catch her breath — this got us both frustrated.  I didn’t want to see her suffer, so I ran out to my nearest natural baby store to see if they had a NoseFrida Snot Sucker!   And they did!  I was so thrilled because I’ve been wanting to buy this product for some time.

It is so simple.


Similar to a nasal aspirator, but much more sanitary, the NoseFrida is placed on your child’s nostril (not inside!) and you gently suck the snot out through the piping.  The tubing and ingenius sponge filters ensure that no germs or bacteria are transferred between caretaker and child.

This thing works.  My son wanted to try it too and I sucked a little big of mucus out of his nose too.  He was surprised by it, but then laughed and laughed.  Absolutely gross and awesome.  Here is his demonstration:


This is now on my must-have baby list.  At $15 (plus $3 for extra filters) — it is the best money that you’ll spend.  And it is $12.75 on Amazon right now : )

I was not compensated for this review — I just love this product!!

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    kinda gross… ;)

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