Pond Sensory Bin

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I have become very inspired to continue with our Sensory Bins.  My son absolutely loved his time with my first try earlier this week.  I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself, but I have been researching a lot of Themed bins and more inspiration has come from Totally Tots.  This mom has gone above and beyond with her bins and I hope to emulate some of her creativity and enthusiasm!  I have decided to try and create two bins per week.  Today I tried a “pond” bin.  I threw in some rocks that I already had, his bath toys, and some little green fish plants that I found at the grocery for $1 each.  I was not brave enough to add water.  But he loved moving the creatures around and dumping rocks with a couple plastic cups that I included.  Maybe I’ll try water next time.

pond sensory bin for preschool

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