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More days of play and laughing and reading.  You can read about our preschool plans here, and see and download our preschool homeschooling schedule which we loosely follow.  We read, play, listen to music, and stay active every day, and in between, there are times to explore the alphabet and number sense, as well as moments of spontaneous or planned sensory exploration and interest-based provocations and learning.  Here are some fun moments from this week.

We made baked cotton balls!  I have seen this over at Fun at Home with Kids for a while now and thought I’d never make them — but the kids acenjoyed the process of dipping the cotton balls and then smashing them!  A huge hit!


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May chose orange and pink.


John chose green and purple.  He doesn’t usually like sticky things on his hands, but he worked through a couple of cotton balls and I was proud of him.

DSC07742 DSC07743

After they were baked (and over-cooked), John chose to smash him with a stick!


May, of course, followed her brothers lead.


And then sledding!


A little math work at the math table.  Here are our sandpaper number cards.  And wooden buttons, wooden numbers, and mosaic tiles.

DSC07668 DSC07670

I leave out crayons and paper for May to use, and she is coloring all the time.  She loves to doodle, and will sometimes say, “look, bear!” or “look, Tinkerbell!”

DSC07676 DSC07677

Sweet girl <3


Playing with and connecting unifix cubes.


Doing a little painting.

DSC07837 DSC07838 DSC07844

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