“I know you love me when you talk to me”

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I am reminded that all my child wants is for me to be present.

Listening about his homemade lawn mowers.

Listening about his spider machine.

Watching him jump, destroy, conquer, mow.

Listening in the car.

Talking to him.

Valuing him.

Letting him know that he matters more than my list, my computer, my makeup, my garden.

In the small moments.

In the tedious moments.

In the big moments.

He knows I love him when I talk to him.


These are words from the most amazing children’s song, Talk to Me.  I always tear up when I listen to it!  This is also music from my own childhood; it is from the sweet children’s worship album — Teach Me While My Heart is Tender by Judy Rogers — wonderful praise music for child and parent alike!


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