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free cards for early learning

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Children love to memorize and recite.  They will do it and love it if you ask them and equip them!  Enter these beautiful, and free!, cards for early learning.  I hope this collection of free cards, from me and other kid bloggers, will benefit your child’s mind, as well as your time together as a family!!

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I have compiled the best free cards for early learning because we use many of these cards almost daily.  I compiled a list of six resources for character and Bible learning that are not listed here, so make sure to check those out as well!!  I am a huge advocate for teaching memorization and recitation to children — they love it, first of all, and they are sponges — so we should fill them with all things beautiful and lovely and wise!

Why all the stacks of cards and rings?  Well, I don’t know what it is about a nice key ring and some laminated cards — but I absolutely love them!!  I set up many cards on our wall (you can see our home preschool to see this in action) So much information in a contained, organized little ring. :)

We use this laminator, these laminating sheets, and these book rings.


Here is a list of all the cards that are listed in the picture above {plus three more}!

ABC Lego Cards: Uppercase

Recitation Cards: Prayers for Children

Leaf Identification Cards

Book of John Memorization Cards from A Holy Experience

Drawing Prompts Cards from An Everyday Story

ABC Bible Verses 

ABC Lego Cards: Lowercase

Recitation Cards: Poetry for Children

Bible Verses from 1 to 10

Bible Verses from A to Z from 1plus1plus1equals1

Writing Numbers 1 to 10 Poems from Ed Snapshots

Spring Bulbs & Flowers Identification Cards

Lego Animal Alphabet Cards from Play Learn Love

Lego Structures Cards and Duplo Blocks Counting from All Our Days

Christmas Songs from True Aim Education

Bible Songs from True Aim Education

Block Building Famous Structures Cards from Fun-A-Day!

10 Best Bible Verses for Children


I hope this list of early learning cards that are available for free is a benefit to you and your family!!  Thanks so much for visiting!!

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  1. I love all these cards but they are full page and I can’t print them smaller. Is there any way you can reformat all these so they will print easier, at least 4 to a page or smaller?

    1. You can do this in your printer’s settings! You can look for the option of printing multiple pages per sheet!

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